Article Writing and Marketing

Article Marketing has rapidly because established as one of the most effective ways to create a successful online business, especially if you have limited resources.

One of the easiest ways for newcomers to the internet to create their first online business, is to use article marketing. Very little is required to get started in article writing, and you probably already have all the basic tools that are needed. This can produce a successful online business if it is approached in the right way. There are several simple steps to make a lucrative earning using articles.

Offering your articles for sale is an easy way to get started. Many websites, blogs and news sites require new articles for content. You can decide to write articles on different topics and sell them to webmasters and blog owners. You must make sure that the articles you produce are high quality if you wish to be successful in selling them for the best price. If you have your own blog or website, you can post your articles there. Fresh information is always being searched for, so this will make your website or blog relevant. Fill your website with useful articles about relevant topics.

Some knowledge of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) will be helpful. Traffic generation is one of the most important attributes for your articles. You need to learn the basic of search engine optimization in relation to keywords and keyword density. The amount of traffic generated by your article will be directly related to the SEO level of the article.

Pay attention to the quality of your articles. If you want to succeed in article writing, you must write only quality articles that visitors will be happy to read. Make your articles easy on the eyes too. Use short sentences and even shorter paragraphs. Remember the attention span of readers online is very short, so you have little time to capture their attention. You need to carefully check your spelling and grammar. It really is possible to succeed online writing articles. Your successful online business is only a few short steps away. Start creating quality articles today, and your online success will be certain.

How To Avoid The Many Pitfalls In Choosing A MLM Business And Make Money From Home Quickly

Network marketing is called multi level marketing or MLM for short. If you want to get into network marketing then there are a number of things that you have to look out for in order to avoid some of the major pitfalls. And if you know how to do it right, MLM can be the best and the most rewarding career that there can be.

First always start with a low costs investment. The first company that I joined in MLM I parted with a whooping $10,000 in order to be on top of the compensation plan and I now have two unpaid credit cards as a result of this folly.

Always, always avoid huge sign up fees and never ever be talked into buying your way to the top of the compensation plan as I was. Run a mile if anyone ever suggests a thing like this

Second do not fall for any claim that you can make quick money by just signing on the dotted line- it really never works. Although it is true that in MLM that your upline can build you a downline, thinking that you will get rich from this will only lead to disappointment.

Third, and even more important, do not join anyone offering you a business opportunity but nothing to offer other than the opportunity. this I did once when I joined a lotto game which promised me that once I had built a substantial downline, the lotto tickets themselves will be paid for and what I stood to gain was the winnings each week. Of course like a pack of cards the whole thing collapsed.

Fourth before joining any MLM program do check the internet for any scams and any associated litigiations against the company – this can be very handy.

Like in any business, sales and distribution are the backbone of any MLM Business. Familiarise yourself with what the company has to offer and show both the products and the oppportunity to as many people as you can. You can also buy leads and advertise your business in as many venues as there are.

As a network marketer or a home based business owner, the best way that you can a targeted list of people interested in what you have to offer is through a genealogy list. Do a Google search and you will see a whole range of companies offering huge range of companies. Remember when you subscribe to such a list, you are actually contacting people- or IBOs in MLM terminology-who already have experience in MLM.

Social Networking – How to Promote Your Business and Website

If you are new to starting an online business, you’re probably wondering how to get traffic. I know this is the number one question I get from those who are new to internet marketing.

Although there are many ways to get traffic online, if you use paid traffic techniques, it can quickly get expensive.

If you’re new to internet marketing, and you’re working on a small or non existent budget, you can still get a lot of traffic to your website using free techniques. The easiest way to do this is to start with social networking sites because you can piggybank onto their high traffic and use these sites to start building targeted traffic to your own site.

First, you need to choose the social networking sites you will market on. I recommend starting small to get your feet wet. This means joining one or two general social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook, and then joining one or two topical social networking sites. When joining topical network sites, you want to join sites that have a fairly large number of subscribers and are active. Inactive sites won’t do you a lot of good in marketing your business.

Once you join the social networking site, set up your profile. Make sure you add a link to your site in your profile and tell others what your business is about. Let others know you have an ezine or subscription list and tell them they can get more information. If possible, include a subscription box right in your profile. If you can create a simple table, you can do this.

Start making friends. You want to do a search on the site for your topic. You may have to search several times, as well as change your keywords, but keep searching until you find the type of people you are looking to connect with. To make it easier to connect with you, make sure you include the appropriate keywords in your profile and include information on the type of people you want to connect with. Once your friend request has been approved, then post a comment on the person’s profile. Say thank you and then include a link to your site, as well as a little information about your business. (Avoid the flashy graphics though. You’re a business owner, not looking for a date.)

Next, look for groups and forums on your topic. Look for groups and forums that have a lot of members and get involved in the conversation. Include a signature with every post you make.

Don’t go overboard though when writing your signature. You should only include one link and make sure tha you use your keywords as the anchor text (the text others will click on to go to your site). You want to write a signature that will compel others to click on your link, yet avoid offering a blatant sales pitch. Offer
valuable, and real, information to get others to click your link.

Some social networking sites will have free classifieds, and others won’t. If the site does have free classifieds, then be sure and post an ad. Try to give away something free, like a subscription to your ezine, an ebook, or something like that.

If you have a talent for video, then you should definitely create videos to share on these sites. If you can upload videos to the site to share with others, then you should definitely do so. If not, try to at least embed a video into your profile to make your profile sticky.

How you promote on social networking sites is only limited by your imagination. Just make sure you avoid spamming, as well as obtrusive sales pitches that might annoy your audience.